Clinical Support

With over 20 specialties supported by physicians who have trained at Harvard, Yale, & Stanford, accessing our talent gives you the capability and expertise to provide the best care for your patients.

Supercharge the care you provide with on-demand US medical expertise.

Collaborate with US doctors with advanced medical training

Direct answers to your medical questions

With our service, you can submit questions directly to specific doctors on our US roster, with responses that are based on the information you provide.

Complete reviews of your preliminary diagnoses

Think it might be cancer? Would it require your patient to get a potentially dangerous surgery or travel for treatment? Confer with our specialists to get the most complete answers.

Follow-ups and locally relevant medical advice

Our physicians will work with you to provide the best care that is locally available—whether that's looking for the generic medicine equivalent or providing alternate options.

The right support for your needs

Whether it's a quick question, a thorough review, or something else you want to learn, have the peace of mind to know that you have US medical training supporting your decisions and the care you provide.

Flexible options for the support you need, with translation from your local language available as needed, with Mederva Health's clinical support tools you can rest assured you'll get the support you need.

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Learn how we work with physicians to improve their medical training and skills so they can provide better care for their patients.


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Learn about how we help patients with existing diagnoses connect with US specialists and get the medical knowledge they need.


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