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If you have a medical diagnosis and need an expert opinion from a medical specialist, you can connect with US doctors.

Handpicked specialists

We've carefully selected our medical experts.

Our specialists have been hand chosen and are all experienced, US board-certified physicians in their area of medical expertise. They come from a variety of top medical institutions, including Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Yale, and Harvard Medical.

Our areas of expertise

We cover a variety of specialties

We have a core offering of medical specialties and sub-specialties, and are continuing to expand what we cover based on patient needs.






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Expert Knowledge & Medical Training

The US is home to the top experts in medical specialties such as oncology, hematology and cardiology—and the US medical education system is designed to create specialists who have a core area of focus and expertise.

These doctors are required to continue to invest in their subject area, and are regularly tested and credentialed.Before you make important decisions that are both costly and stressful, assure you have the most accurate information with an expert opinion.

Mederva Health doctors are experts in a specific medical specialty and have dedicated their careers to understanding their area of expertise.

  • Highly specialized physicians
  • Continuous education & certification
  • 12+ years of medical training & specialization
  • Graduates from globally ranked & recognized programs

For your peace of mind

Ambiguous diagnosis
Receiving an ambiguous diagnosis on your medical case is difficult and happens too often. This can be compounded when financial and medical decisions need to be made based on potentially erroneous information. An expert opinion can help validate or bring new clinical perspective to your diagnosis so you can make the most informed decisions.

Cancer or surgery diagnosis
When you receive a diagnosis of cancer, or one that requires you to undergo surgery, you need to ensure the next steps you take are the right ones—for you and your family.

Need for rare specialists
Extensively trained, experienced specialists are rare and difficult to access in developing countries. To do what's best for you or your family, you need to speak with the doctors that have the proper expertise.

How we bring US expertise to you

Sign up & Provide your Medical History
Explain your issue & Upload test results
We prepare your case & Expert opinion
Receive your report & Make Better Decisions
Sign up & Provide your Medical History

Create your account and give us your health information so our doctors have the most accurate picture of your condition.

Explain your issue & Upload test results

Fill out our simple questionnaire to describe your medical issue, ask questions you want to have answered, and upload any relevant test results (blood tests, MRIs, etc) and doctor's notes.

We prepare your case & Expert opinion

We translate your documents and assign a specialized doctor to handle your case. The doctor studies your case and any relevant medical literature to provide you with the most up-to-date expert opinion.

Receive your report & Make Better Decisions

You'll receive a comprehensive written and video report from your US doctor in both English and your native language. This empowers you to make more informed decisions regarding your health.

Everything you need for peace of mind

What you get with a Mederva Health expert medical opinion

An expert, specialized doctor

Your case will be seen by a US board certified & licensed specialist doctor with at least 12 years of medical training at top medical institutions. We will provide the details of their medical training and experience.

Clinical recommendations

Your specialist doctor will provide their expert medical opinion in a comprehensive report that makes it easy for you and your local doctor to take any necessary action.

Notes to your local doctor

We know that best health outcomes are achieved by working collaboratively. Your US specialist doctor may also provide clinical notes for your local doctor to make it easy for you communicate with all parties involved in your health journey.

Video summary diagnosis

Included in your report, your US specialist doctor will record and send a short video summarizing their medical opinion. We provide this professional medical opinion in an easy to understand way that's still based in medical knowledge.

Answers to your questions

When you request our expert medical opinion, you will be able to ask direct questions about your health issue. Your US specialist will address these questions in clear and simple language that's easy for you to understand.

Translations of all documents

As part of our mission to improve access to medical expertise, we will translate your expert medical opinion into your native language at no extra cost to you.


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