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Learn from US doctors & give better care

Improve skills and increase knowledge to help your patients and your practice.

the research

We spoke to 100s of docs in developing countries

Shared Concerns

  • Little opportunity to improve medical skills
  • Limited access to continuing medical education
  • Lack of medical technology
  • Mistrust and misunderstanding from patients
  • No environment for professional collaboration or peer review
  • Being overworked and underpaid

Based on these learnings, we realized we could build towards our mission and work directly with physicians on the ground to improve patient care.


Mederva Health
Partner Physician Program

Improve Your Skills & Career

We are committed to spreading medical knowledge to doctors that want to learn. Participate in ongoing training and hear lectures from our US doctors.

Work Smarter

Our EHR system has advanced AI tools to provide clinically efficient support. You will have access to these tools to help you provide better care for your patients.

Increase Your Income

We've had thousands of requests to access US doctors. We believe partnering with local doctors provides the best care for the best outcomes.

Level Up Your Skills & Your Care

Improve Skills From US Board-Certified Doctors
Work Smarter With Modern Tools
Increase Revenue & Get Paid For Your Care
Improve Skills From US Board-Certified Doctors

Our doctors are committed to having regular training sessions for their areas of expertise. Live sessions where you can learn directly from US doctors, and hear about their current methods of medical practice. Live question and answer sessions, interactive education, and recorded content available for all members of the physician partner program.

Work Smarter With Modern Tools

We've built a digital platform that allows doctors easily and securely verify a patient symptoms and keep health information secure. An AI medical diagnostic tool is built-in and available and has 93% clinical efficiency. When cases are complex or need more expertise, you can easily refer these patients to our US specialists.

Increase Revenue & Get Paid For Your Care

We've had thousands of patient interactions, and they're all looking to get better care. We haven't been able to help all of these people, and with this new program—and your help—we can.

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