Our mission is to improve global health equity by making medical expertise available to all.

We'll do this by giving people in developing countries access to US based medical experts.
A problem that can be solved

Millions of people around the world lack access to advanced medical expertise.

Local healthcare is overloaded
Doctors are overloaded and the limited availability of medical specialties means people can't get the care they need.
Forcing people to go abroad
Patients are increasingly forced to travel abroad to seek advanced medical expertise from foreign doctors and hospitals.
Causing financial stress and debt
Foreign hospital fees, cost of airfare, visas, and hotel stays often leads to severe debt and anxiety for patients and their families.

Our Solution

The approach to tackling this global problem.
Making US medical expertise accessible
We provide expert medical opinions to people in developing countries who otherwise must resort to traveling abroad to get the care they need. Accessible US medical expertise starting at $120 per consultation.
Partnering with local hospitals
To tackle the problem at scale, we partner with private hospitals in developing countries and help them expand their expertise in rare specialties. Our focus is to be an extension of their expertise, never to take their patients away from them.
Partnering with local doctors
We keep the local doctors involved in a patient's health journey—it's the only way to improve health outcomes for the long term. Our doctors share expertise with the patient's doctor and serve as an extension to the healthcare team.

Why local doctors love working with Mederva Health

Our relationship with local doctors is key to achieving our mission
We understand that local doctors have the context to best care for their patients—they simply lack the medical expertise. We act as an extension to the work they do.
Our goal is to work together with the local doctors to provide the best care we can for their patients.
Mutual Education
The long term vision is that we support local healthcare with medical expertise—while helping them better understand the needs of their patient population.
Improved Outcomes
This combination of local context and US medical expertise will ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

The value we bring to our patients

Too much time and money is being spent on unnecessary medical travel. We've seen it happen time and again. It's wasteful, stressful, and can be avoided!
Avoid financial stress
Simply put, traveling abroad for care or a second-opinion is extremely expensive and not something many in developing countries can simply do. People have to take loans and sacrifice plenty in order to go abroad for treatment they may not even need.
Save precious time
Organizing a medical trip, usually with one or more family members, takes time—time that should be spent taking care of your medical issue.
Get peace of mind
Ultimately, whether you have to travel or not, we can provide the information you need to ensure that you get the treatment that is necessary. This peace of mind is invaluable, and we hope, affordable through our services.
Our story

This problem, for us, is personal.

As Americans with roots in developing countries around the world, we are often asked to help verify a relative's condition or medical diagnosis. As doctors (or children of doctors) we have seen the request for specialized knowledge come time and again from family members who don't have that expert knowledge available to them. Sometimes it's simply to verify a diagnosis, and other times it's to confirm whether they should spend thousands of dollars to go abroad and get their issue treated in another country. We know the problem is real and we created Mederva Health to solve it.

Join our mission

We can impact millions of lives with the expertise we have here in the US. Join us and help us improve global health equity for all.
US specialist physicians
If you're a specialist that's interested in helping patients in other countries with the skillset you've worked hard to hone, we're excited to chat with you.

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Local doctors
Are you a doctor in a developing country that could benefit from our program? We'd love to better understand how we can support your needs.

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Local private hospitals
Hospital professionals, we can help augment the care you are able to provide for your patient populations and help you retain and attract new patients.

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If you're a designer, marketer, strategist, or developer and are passionate about using your skills to help improve global health equity, please get in touch.

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Countries we currently serve
El Salvador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines.