Our Mission

To make medical expertise available to all.

our belief

Everyone should have access to the right medical knowledge

We started Mederva Health because we strongly believe in this. With the power of technology and the proliferation of the internet and connected devices, there's no longer a barrier to this kind of access. Millions every year are still physically traveling to get the medical expertise they need (even if it's unnecessary because the kind of doctor they need isn't available at home). We can fix this.

Sabih Mir ↗
Co-founder, CEO

A Design Leader with over 20 years experience, Sabih previously worked at Microsoft & was the first designer at Ginger (which is now Headspace Health and valued at over $3B). The son of a nephrologist with family from Kashmir & Pakistan, Sabih grew up with relatives coming to stay with his family as they sought better medical care in the US.

Dr. Mohammed Kaleel ↗
Co-founder, CMO

A Stanford-trained Radiologist & Faculty member, Mohammed has a Computer Science background and built a #1 ranked iOS Healthcare app that had 5M+ downloads in over 200 countries. With family and relatives in Palestine, Mohammed has often been asked his opinion about a diagnosis for a medical situation.

Billy Rinchin
Co-founder, COO

Billy is a second-time founder with extensive sales experience in the developing world. After receiving multiple diagnoses for a serious condition for his mother, his family was able to bring her to the US for care only to find out she had been misdiagnosed and no illness was present. All that trouble could have been avoided if her MRI had been viewed by a trained Radiologist—in just five minutes.

We came together to solve this problem because we each have intimate knowledge of the issue and have all experienced different aspects of it. Coming from immigrant families we know how hard it is to get access to the proper medical information when you need it. Given our individual backgrounds and experiences, we are uniquely qualified to address this problem and help millions in need.

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We're honored to be backed by investors who believe that technology can empower people around the globe. From Airbnb to Nest to Doordash, these investors have a keen eye on choosing ideas and people that have gone on to change the world.

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