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With Mederva Health, your delivery of care becomes US-grade. Our physicians are specialized and sub-specialized in over 30 domains of expertise, and are US board-certified doctors with training from the best medical institutions in the world.

With constant training in state-of-the-art research and medical advancements, our physicians can adapt their knowledge to work with whatever situation is required, including lack of medicinal or technical availability. They are patient and committed to spreading their expertise to areas that need it.

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Your ability to provide for your patients and deliver better care relies on your access to expert knowledge and up-to-date medical capabilities. Partnering with Mederva Health helps you unlock specialized and sub-specialized expertise in over 30 medical areas, including oncology, radiology, and cardiology.

Mederva Health gives you three main services that supercharge your medical capability and help improve your care delivery. With on-demand Clinical Support, you tap directly into the working knowledge of US medical specialists that are trained experts in their field. Using our Modern Tools gives your physicians access to AI-backed health assessments, which can help triage, guide, and double-check your diagnostic procedures. And finally, with ongoing Medical Education from our roster of US doctors, you will be continually trained in the latest methods of world-class medical practice.

Clinical Support

We cover over 30 different specialties, with physicians who have trained at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and other top institutions. Accessing our talent gives you the capability and expertise to provide the best care for your patients.


Modern Tools

Support your patients with an AI-assisted health assessment tool that is 93% clinically-accurate. Coupled with your own medical expertise, you can be assured you are making the right decisions and providing the best expertise.


Medical Education

We help you gain and maintain clinical superiority by providing a world-class medical curriculum. With our dedicated lecture series and medical content library, you can access knowledge from top US medical experts.


Physicians in the US have over 14 years of medical education and hands-on training before they have to test for their medical licenses. In addition, they have to maintain their understanding and knowledge of their field of speciality with ongoing medical education to ensure they are practicing the most up-to-date methods in their chosen area.

Mederva Health gives you access to this caliber of physician immediately when you partner with us. Consult with and learn from specialists who have trained at the best US medical institutions, and who have years of experience practicing their field of medicine with real patients and real cases.

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Handpicked specialists

We've carefully selected our medical experts

Our specialists have been hand chosen and are all experienced, US board-certified physicians in their area of medical expertise. They come from a variety of top medical institutions, including Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Yale, and Harvard Medical.

Our areas of expertise

We cover a variety of specialties

We have a core offering of medical specialties and sub-specialties, and are continuing to expand what we cover based on patient needs.






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