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Improve global health equity
Millions of patients in developing countries do not have access to adequate healthcare. Our patients come to Mederva Health to confirm uncertain diagnoses or to get peace of mind about their medical conditions. Join us on our exciting journey to improve countless lives.
Mentor through collaboration
Physicians in these countries enjoy collaborating with our expert physicians on their patients to improve their skillsets and improve the quality of healthcare in their countries.
Join Mederva Health and help in our mission to improve global health equity.

What we look for in our physicians

World-class education
Patients come to Mederva Health because they are seeking the best physicians in the world to answer their medical questions. Our local doctors also rely on the guaranteed quality of our physicians when they refer patients to us.
Specialized experience
Our physicians are experts in their chosen field of study. We specifically seek out physicians who have dedicated their careers to understanding a medical specialty and the conditions and ailments that affect that area of expertise.
Commitment to health equity
Our physicians are dedicated to contributing their expertise to the broader movement of improving access to healthcare around the world. If you feel that this is a problem worth solving, and you have the ability to help contribute, please join us.

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